Poverty / Unemployment Group Action Plan


Program, Project or Activity: Develop a clearinghouse for community assistance and resources.

Time Frame: March 2014 – May 2014


One-time:, $1,000 cash plus $1,000 in-kind
Recurring: $75,000 cash plus $5,000 in-kind

Responsibility: Host organization to be determined

Development of a clearinghouse will include identifying the following:

  • How would a new clearinghouse be organized and operated?
  • How would it be funded?
  • Where would it be located?

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Program, Project or Activity: Missouri Certified Work Ready Community Program

Time Frame: March 2014 — May 2014

Cost: $500 direct, some in-kind staff and admin. support

Responsibility: Dent County and City of Salem

1. Organize local leadership team:

  • Chambers of Commerce Leader
  • Economic Development Leader
  • Elected Officials: County Commissioner, Mayor, City AldermaI
  • Education Leaders: Superintendents, Administrators, School Board Members, Colleges/Universities Representatives
  • Local Workforce Development Leader: Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
  • Employer/Business Owner

2. Assess county goals, using ACT National Framework

The workreadycommunities.org site includes a map of Missouri. Each county has goals specific to its population, (small, medium, and large). Goals for Dent County can be found by clicking on the Dent County section of the map. Goals were established by Missouri’s Department of Economic Development and ACT, and are based on the 2010 Census.

3. Develop county plan to reach threshold criteria

Submit a plan for achieving goals to the CWRC office when notifying them of intent to participate. If data is approved we will be given the Missouri Work Ready Community In Progress status. We may submit a supplemental narrative that enhances our application that our team considers significant.

4. Prepare Application

We will be required to gather letters of commitment from each of our team members. A sample for this letter may be found in the application package. The name of the primary contact person for the CWRC will need to be included. We can either apply online or print the application package (downloadable PDF) and submit it by mail.


The CWRC Committee will review applications and notify communities that have been chosen to start their journey to becoming a CWRC. All goals must be met within two years after being accepted into the program.

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Program, Project or Activity: Business Attraction and Retention

Time Frame: March 2014 – June 2015

Cost: $2,500 (not including business incubator)

Responsibility: City of Salem Economic Development and Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

Marketing to Attract Businesses

Identify target businesses with growth potential, linkages to existing businesses in the area, and reasons to be attracted to the Salem / Dent County area.

Direct marketing techniques could include:

  • Brochures or pamphlets, either general in nature or targeted to a specific industrial classification, about our attractions to business and industry
  • Advertising in trade publications or generalized advertising supplements
  • Direct mail to specific industries or locations! consultants
  • Participation in industry trade shows
  • Telemarketing of potential businesses
  • Seminars for prospective businesses
  • Websites
  • Maintenance of a publicly accessible database of available commercial and industrial land and buildings

Suggestions for possible taglines include:

  • Salem – a community where your ideas can become a reality
  • Salem – where a handshake still means something

Business Retention

Possible techniques include:

  • Surveys of local businesses to determine plans for changes or expansions
  • Periodic business roundtables or breakfasts
  • Regular personal visits by local government officials to businesses
  • Coordination of responses to problems identified by local businesses
  • Publication of newsletters to local businesses
  • Active involvement by local government officials in chambers of commerce and other business groups
  • Appointment of local business owners or managers on local boards and commissions

Business Incubator

Goal: Provide low-cost space and support services for start-up businesses in targeted industries

Steps to include based on attached list of business incubator formation best practices:

  • Feasibility study: 3 months
    • Discuss with key organizations and civic leaders
    • Identify organizations that can provide the incubator with a range of resources including facilities, funding, equipment, and human resources
    • Selection of facilities and services to be provided
    • Identify potential funding
    • Contact incubator programs in similar communities
    • Development: 9 months
    • Renovation: 3-12 months
    • Early-stage operations: 18 months

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Program, Project or Activity: Develop a Buy Local Campaign

Time Frame: March 2014 – August 2014

Cost: $2,500

Responsibility: City of Salem Economic Development and Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

See attached American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) Day Local Campaign Primer

Salem Area Chamber of Commerce will be the primary sponsoring organization.

Sample marketing materials to be developed:

  • logo
  • slogan
  • brochure
  • website or pages on existing sites
  • packet for local businesses to use (e.g. welcome letter; a window cling, decal or poster with the logo and slogan; suggestions for promoting the shop-local campaign; and information businesses can give customers