Facility Rules

In order to provide a friendly, professional, and safe atmosphere in which to exercise, please observe the following rules when attending the Healthy Dent County Fitness Center. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  • fitness-rulesMembers are offered a one-time orientation session prior to using the facility.
  • All members must sign in.
  • Members must wear appropriate clothing. No jeans are allowed.
  • Wear clean, dry, athletic shoes only. No sandals, boots, or other inappropriate shoes are allowed on cardio or strength equipment.
  • Members are required to wipe perspiration off equipment after each use.
  • Do not wear colognes or perfumes when working out. Some of our members have allergies to fragrances.
  • Food is prohibited in both the Cardio and Fitness Rooms. Make sure water bottles have a closeable top.
  • There is a 30 minute time limit on the Cardio equipment unless no one is waiting to use it.
  • Be patient when waiting for equipment, and be efficient when using the equipment while others are waiting for you.
  • Please be considerate of other members when turning on/off televisions, or changing stations.
  • Refrain from using loud, foul, or slanderous language.
  • Do not bang weights or drop dumbbells.
  • Leave weights, benches or other equipment in its proper location.
  • Collars on weight bars are mandatory at all times.
  • Ask for assistance if you do not know how to use the equipment. We are here to help you.